Soil release products



For improving the removability of pigment soil from PES or PES blends by washing

  • durable soil release effects on PES or PES blends
  • confers durable hydrophilic properties and absorptive power
  • improves the antistatic properties
  • colour intensification when used in disperse printing pastes
  • does not affect the fogging behaviour

Field of application: Pad or exhaust processes

Chemical Basis: Preparation of aromatic carboxylic acid compound

Ionic Character: Non-ionic

Form: Liquid


Ecologically optimised soil release agent for wash-resistant soil-release finishes with oil-repellent properties; improves the soil removal from cotton textiles or their blends with synthetics

  • stains are readily washed off
  • repels oily soil
  • wash-resistant
  • good compatibility with N-methylol compounds

Field of application: Pad process

Chemical Basis: C6-fluorocarbon polymer PFOA and PFOS-free

Ionic Character: Non-ionic

Form: Liquid

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